Web Of Solitaire Chat
joe mama - hey
joe mama - is anyone out there alive?
joe mama - welp, see ya.
maria - Yes
John Net - Today is the last day of the 2nd decade, 21st century. Throughout the past decade I've been alone.
stewball42 - Hello all
Gobbi - I am alive. Hello to anyone out there.
Canada TOP 1 - Today is the 1st day of year. Top 1 today is the same TOP 1 year 2020. So good
666 - happy new year
Gobbi - Happy 2020 to all. I hope it is a better year than last year.
127 - HNY
Girl Texax - Gobbi so sweet
old fart - no any oneher under a curse
ntm - happy newyear everyone
portajohnnyjas - peace on earth
portajohnnyjas - happy new year 2020
Gobbi - Thanx Girl Texax. Looking forward to this year.
Gobbi - Good night/Good Morning to all. It's 01:11 am and I am going to sleep so have fun!
Acrobat - Rest sleep to you
Gobbi - Thank you Acrobat, you also.
bill - hey all
bruh - suppp lol
Swannee - this gamemakes you do a lot of thinking
terry - hello
weeee - weeee
Gobbi - Well I wonder if anyone is alive at this time of morning. 3:18 am.
Gobbi - 42 and counting, insomnia rules but it is Sunday so I will sleep until I get up.
Gobbi - Just to say that I got 5 hours sleep so now I will have an early night.
GobbiGobbler - I got 4 hours sleep, and I'm runnin strong!!
george curtis - eliminate web of solitare from the game page
george - elemanate web of solitaire chart
gjc - eleminate the web of solitair chart
poohead - yes
poohead - hello enry one there i am all olnarm
poiuh - dfqfqs
Gobbi - Anyone on this chat or am I alone again. If so boo, if not yeah.
blob - I am here
Big Mac - im newcomer here -Hi
rumple - Hi
bonnie - new here. what do I do?
bonnie - how do I get rid of this chat screen?
666 - click on the X by hidden ads
insanetestament - anyone who plays solitaire should be disowned
Gobbi - Got a chance of winning this game, not.
Gobbi - First KZing out 3:01 am
dobby - i cant do it!!!!!!!!
Benb - hello
Benb - anyone know how to remove the chat window?
witchit woman - hey Benb, click on the x beside hidden ads
kat -
Rainbow Bright - OK here we go
analballs - Yaaaay
Gobbi - Looks like the usual flotsam (including me) have been up to no good.
Gobbi - 23:33 13/01/20 I won.
cop - stop swearing anal balls
cop - white woman..you like anal balls/ be honest
cop - anyone mind if i leave this chat?
cop - I'm back!!
fukthe - police
Ben - when certain pairings are made, a bell or tone goes off, do the tones have a meaning
noote - is anyone out there
juicebox - hi
toto - toto450
FartBoxTonguePuncher - Can you guess what I do in my spare time?
Dave - Anyone else thank the solitare game would be vastly improved by use of a random seection process.
Gobbi - No.
FartBoxTonguePuncher - a random selection process?
Gobbi - This game of clock patience is really wind upper.
ana - how can I close this?
itsprettyobvious - Click the x button in the top corner?
kit kat - say who is out there ??
say - who is out there ?? 8)
ntm - my fingers are sore
nicsher - hi
Limber - Hello
ntm - what countrys are y,all from
Mew - hi
Gobbi - Hi, it's 3:38 am in England.
Gobbi - One card left
down - l am from italy.this is my favorite game ciao :
Gobbi - This game gets to you, it's quite addictive.
ntm - mine too, usa
Gobbi - Well I nearly got down to my last card, yet again.
sup - sup
ntm - yeah these games are fixed.they draw you down yo the last card and you lose
duke - one has to be patient not angry..
one - duke has to take it in the ass, not speak yoda
tsgtdick - whats this BS about??
tsgtdick - where are U guys??
tsgtdick - Hope I didn't interrupt u guys--my name is Bill in Riverside CA
solo - hi
ballskin - Hey lads
Ballskin - JERK MY FAT COCK (4 minites)
Ballskin - reply to me (1 minites)
Ballskin - You anus i can see you (0 seconds)