Web Of Solitaire Chat
muherrem - yusuf
muherrem - yusuf
say - What do you mean.
muherrem - saniye
say - says say WHAT.
muherrem - yusuf
muherrem - yusuf
muherrem - yusuf
say - what are you trying to say to us that CHAT.
muherrem - yusuf
burke - NNOOOO
say - asks if you need help shoping.
zeke - get rid of this chat
say - WHY.
hotdog - Jesse?
muherrem - yusuf
say - an other cup YUSUF.
Help - How do I get rid of the ads?
betty - click top X in right corner. Gets rid of ads
say - ok know what.
say - how many cups of YSUF wood you like today.
alex - hi
say - HI to you to.
muherrem - yusuf
say - What next you SAY.
say - are you getting any RAIN.
betty - No rain here in days. We are 8 inches below normal here for this time of year
say - looks like we could get some rain here quite cloudy.
say - yes we did get rain it just poored down for some time.
say - it seams like we could get more rain tonight again.
say - yes it is trying to rain.
spooky - rain all day here in Ohio
say - the wind had blood all day in south Dakota today.
say - well it is between 70&80 here in South Dakota know.
say - it has not cooled down much from this after noon.
say - I think we will have a HOT Summer.
say - It will be really HOT this week end like 98.
say - it is really raining know and some lighting and thunder. in Rapid City
in roatan rn - my name is where im at
joseph - goodday
joseph - nice sunny day
say - are you sure that is what it means?
covid19 - hi iam from malaysia
say - were is that at.
say - so WHAT,I am from tim buck too.
joseph - I am from MALTA
bob - hi
LBD - What a day!
LBD - Say - Where are you from?
LBD - Say? No say??
say - says from Rapid City South Dakota.and say works @ JCPENNNETS 3days a week.
say - what dose LBD mean.
jsilv - Anyone for a decent chat?
jsilv - Hello! Anyone out there?
jsilv - Have a great Night.
joseph - Hello
say - were is everyone at today,are you all working or WHAT.
jsilv - Just finished supper.
say - say
say - say
say - : 8 what time zone are you in.
say - were are you from do you work or what.
ynned - pacific time zone
joseph - I am from malta
ynned - pacific northwest USA
say - dose everyone live in the USA.
ynned - Everybdy seems to be moving here
say - Why is that and how come would they want to.
say - so when did they all these people start coming here.
ynned - It all started back in 1989 when 73,000 people from California showed up to live hear in Oregon. We keep getting average 4000 each year.Now we have all of the people from Latin America because they take measures to keep their country safe. When there are 100,000 plus trying to get into are borders all of their criminals come with them because of the drug cartels.
say - thank you they drage all there illnesses with them RIGHT.
ur mum - sym
say - what does sym mean.
Scapegoat - KILLAKAMI
Scapegoat - MINITES
say - were are you getting all these strange names.
Elina - Good games... play overnight
say - what kind of games do you play?
Rob Roy - Time for a Rob Roy!
say - scotch malt Whisky, with a book /movie.
Cookie Monster - Johnny Test
Cookie Monster - Letter X
Cookie Monster - Select Block 4724
Cookie Monster - CBTM X
Cookie Monster - $100 HONDA CRV
Cookie Monster - 2009 Honda CRV LX White 2005 Toyota Corolla CE Red
Cookie Monster - Blue's Clues Dog Caillou
Cookie Monster - WHOOPS
Cookie Monster - Yikes Gold Elite
Cookie Monster - Broken Engine
Buck Barnes - whats popping yall
Rob Roy - I played the game and now its time to enjoy a scotch Rob Roy! (0 seconds)